Saturday, August 2, 2008

Having stalked off into the dense jungles the brooding figure casts his gaze about, his eyes taking in what his other senses have already revealed to him; he is in no danger and nothing of this place can do him any harm. He hears roars, resounding from the distance and they cause him no alarm, he hears hissing in his ear and it poses him no threat; but the echoing refrain in his mind threatens to bring him to his knees. He crashes beneath an expansive teak wood tree, draws his knees to his chest and listens to the night sounds of the Sudan; listens to the sounds of the Sudan as he cries to himself in his slumber. The ground smokes and smolders where his tears fall as if being seared by a powerful corrosive.

Since his arrival to this place, he has done nothing but slept; and his slumber has been a long restless one. His mind enjoys no reprieve and his body knows no rest, for his slumber is fitful and his dreams are violent and very much a form of reality. In his dreams the images are not him, but he physically feels every affliction that is endured. (See The Seven Dreams of MaxXwell...coming soon)... Time passes and he dreams on his body is racked with spasms as his mind endures various onslaughts during his unconsciousness, at some point his elbow lashes out and strikes the tree under which he slumbers, and the tree splits from its roots through its branches; still the figure sleeps on.

The track of time is lost, and the being reclined upon the devastated plain stirs. Rotten trunks and vast barren stretches surround the figure, great clouds of dust plume into the air as he jerks himself into a sitting position. The ground beneath where his head had lain sports twin chasms, each deep enough to hide the entire form of a man and both disappearing into the distance further than the eye can see. "Thirst", the first thought that occurs to him as he gathers himself and springs forth from his sitting position, the popping in his joints sounding like cracks of lightening as they protest the call upon their flexing. His form on autopilot just as much as it was during his slumber, drives itself forward with primordial urges. Unbeknown st to him, he runs, he crawls, he slithers, he flies; and he finally reaches his destination. The small lake before him is tranquil, the lakes waters are cool; he drops to one knee with his eyes constantly roving his surroundings and drinks the lake dry.

"Hunger", penetrates his thoughts and his mind falls upon it as if it were religion. Throwing his head back, he flares his nostrils, sampling and tasting all the scents on the breeze; he finds one. Locking the scent in, he launches himself in the direction towards it. He comes upon a large herd of water Buffalo, at least one hundred in their number, this is the scent that he has tracked; he sets on them. He allows the three remaining water to buffalo walk off into the distance, the young male and young female walking closely upon the heels of the elder female. The elder female sports great raged scars upon her pelt, as if her time upon this plane of existence has been marked out for her to teach the young lings what she could in the time she had left. He watches them depart, and he feels momentarily ashamed.

Another urge, this one deeper and stronger than the other two. He feels its pull and is helpless to resist, "She", is the last thought that he has before once again he bounds off into the distance on yet another hunt, for what; his past and future will tell.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The First 1000 Years

It is seen as a very dim light, extremely far away; as it approaches the outermost reaches of the Vega galaxy. What was first seen as a pinpoint of light, in the blink of an eye has been coming a raging, all-devouring sun; scorching and blazing its way thru the Vegan system.

Alas, the body count is infinity. It rages on, a black hole forming in its wake, where once a solar system existed there is now only oblivion; it spins on an axis that defies physics and makes a direct path for the swirling universe: the Milky Way.

Its speed has built to a velocity so immense that time is frozen in its wake, it approaches the young unsuspecting universe with the stealth of Armageddon; it has been called to this place. As it passes thru the expanding rings created from the big bang and stops. The abrupt halt of the unstoppable force causes space to stretch in its past, and creates a ripple across its bow; and reality shifts within the pubescent universe.

For a time the universe boasts dual suns, one a white dwarf star, burning brilliant and radiant and the other a mass of energy, pulsating and fearsome. The mysterious object hovers in place, resisting the pull of the universal revolution of the planets surrounding it, it feels only one urge and that's the call that has brought it here; it has been summoned. As if it were waiting for some unseen/unheard cue the Celestial body shoots forth, dragging more than just a few planets out of their preset revolutions with its intense sudden speed; cataclysms abound and the solar devastation is immense.

It races an irregular path towards the blue-green marble, bouncing off of Jupiter, careening around Venus, and punching into and thru Mars' surface; streaking across the reaches of space far from the red planet as it explodes into a silent shower of sparks and debris. The mass continues on and as it passes earths moon missing the barren orb by mere hundreds of miles, its speed is so incredible and its passage so close that the moons revolutions reverse. Less than 100,000 miles from entering earths atmosphere, the object pauses again, its sudden deceleration no less awesome than before causes a sonic boom when time catches up and fills in the objects wake.

Like an ever vigilant sentinel the object revolves around the tiny blue sphere for hundreds of years, as if waiting and watching for something.....It belongs here. Three quarters of the way thru the twentieth-century the object propels itself forward, gone are the incredible, mind-boggling speeds that has brought the object across and thru countless universes over innumerable years, for the object has set itself at a cruising speed that is just slightly faster than the speed of sound in the silent vacuum of space.

As it punches thru earths atmosphere, its chemical make-up combining with earths ozone causes the object to glow a deep rich purple as it makes its way from cloud bank to cloud bank, a mysterious comet is noted that day and hundreds of thousands somehow find their deaths thinking they've seen the arrival of Wormwood; the objects trajectory shifts slightly and it now rushes vertically towards earths surface. Miles before reaching earth’s surface the object begins to open, like an inverted flower that grew to die because it was looking for the suns rays in the wrong direction.

The object emits a high-pitched whine to high to be heard, but would have wiped out aviary life for miles. There's a flash of light so brilliant its color could not be defined, then there are two objects, one smaller dark colored object being ejected from the open flower shape of the other. Like opposite poles of a magnet, once there are two objects they act against each other and as the smaller object is launched towards earths surface; the larger object is forced towards space.

The atomic bomb like plume of their separation makes a dwarf of Hiroshima. As the larger object clears earths atmosphere it explodes and rains various sized diamonds over Alaska for four hours, the smaller object strikes the earth’s surface; with an impact so intense it creates a Tsunami and Hawaii is wiped off the face of the earth. The crater in the earth’s surface is immense, and near the size of Texas, in its depths there's a stirring and shifting of earth and substrata; something is emerging.

When the fires die down, and the smoke clears, in their midst stands the figure of a man. Glowing and beautiful in his ebon form, he stands naked and trembling with power.

As he turns and sets off from the scene of his fiery arrival, he utters the words...

" I Am MaxX, I have been called; and I Have Come!"